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there are a million ways to hurt yourself..

there's only one way to stop. Support.

The Monterey Chapter of Operation Orange
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All Members
Our weekly meetings are from 1:00 - 3:00 every Sunday.
The Monthly Business meeting is from 1:00 - 3:00 every second Sunday of the month.
For more information/location, contact the Moderator, Shelley. (IM or e-mail at the bottom)

About Operation Orange
Operation Orange started out as just an idea, as most things do. That idea was to write letters to schools asking, or begging if necessary, to make March 1st an awareness day in high schools. March 1st is already an awareness day but what’s ironic about it is not many people are aware of this, myself included.

There are two people in the world, dreamers and doers. While I do my share of dreaming, in this case I decided to become a doer. Why just schools? Doctors agree that self-injury is an epidemic that seems to be spreading like AIDs in Africa. So what if we could stop it before it starts?

We can. By having an educated group of people out in the real world in the self-injury breading grounds, primarily high schools and colleges. A group of people who know how to deal with situations concerning self-injury, how to spot signs and the true nature of, what I’ll loosely call, a disease. A group who proudly where the orange bracelet not only on march 1st, but 365 days out of the year, and 366 days on leap years. A group of people who are there when someone needs an ear to listen, a mouth to tell them its okay, and arms to embrace them. A group I wish was there when I realized I was in to deep and needed help.

We are neither anti nor pro self injury and if their was something of this nature sooner, those terms wouldn’t exist. So if you still think that self-injury doesn’t affect you think again. You know someone, weather you want to admit it or not. If you know who Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie or Princess Diana are, you know a self injurer. Unfortunately, there are more of us then you think and our blood is our silent cries for help.

-Mischka Faerman, Owner, Creator, and Moderator of Operation Orange

Local Chapters Mission Statement
Operation Orange Local chapters are groups set up in cities across America, and maybe one day the globe. Chapters can be as far as states away from one another, or as close as one in the next city. The main goal of a chapter is to raise awareness and this is something that must always be remembered. Chapters should contact local papers, schools, and go to areas were there are large crowds of people such as local parades and concerts to “preach” about the importance of SI awareness. Get people to join in. A chapter’s responsibilities vary from community outreach and inner support. A chapter should provide a comforting atmosphere where members feel safe and welcome. Members should feel comfortable talking about problems with peers and be able to receive positive feedback. Chapters should also be fun and rewarding. For example when reaching a goal you should celebrate together. Go out for pizza or go bowling, get tee-shirts. Meetings should also be fun. Make bracelets together and attach a paper slip that has the Op. O website and hand them out at the mall. Make patches together. Make a telephone list and get together outside of meetings. Meetings are mainly for business not pleasure.

Chapter Rules and Regulations
A local chapter must have at least 4 members to form, and maintain four members. One of which must be a moderator.

Local Chapters must meet once a month

Local chapters must actively participate in SI awareness activities

If at anytime a member feels threatened by another they both must meet privately with the moderator to resolve the issue.

Any member maybe dismissed or put on prohibition for any reason by a moderator.

All members must read and sign their agreement that they understand the rules of a chapter before joining. (see member contract)

A copy of every member contract must be kept on file by the moderator.

Members have the ability to discharge their moderator by popular vote.

Members will not under any circumstances be charged a fee for being part of a local chapter

LJ Board Rules

1) Every entry MUST be a friends only post. To ensure security and trust within our community, only the people IN this community should be able to read these posts. If you do not know how to make a friends only post, or to read friends only posts, please contact me (xsilenteloquence on aim) at any time and ask. NO exceptions

2) You MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST be from the Monterey area of California to be able to join this community. You will immediately be ejected or rejected if you are not from here. (Seaside, Marina, Monterey included in this area. Also maybe Carmel and PG)

3) Posting: Although you don't have to post every week or anything, it would help the community alot if you posted a comment once a week on someone's post. People like comments.

4) Advice: Do not give advice if it is not asked for. Simple, isn't it?

5) Confidentiality: In order to be able to open up and trust eachother, there is a confidentiality rule. What is said on the board, stays on the board. This of course, does not apply if the person is suicidal or homicidal. Then the correct authorities have to be notified.

6) Be curteous and respectful of other peoples feelings. DO NOT disrespect ANY of the members at ANY time or you will be banned.

7) After you join and are approved please post some kind of introduction, including your first name, age, location, and )although this is optional its recommended) some way of contact; e-mail, aim sn, msn, whatever you have.

8) Feel FREE to post whatever you want. Feelings, a rant, whatever. But, please, any pictures or triggering things put behind an LJ cut with a warning.
LJ CUT CODE: <*lj-cut title*="(inserttitlehere)"*> insert post here <*/lj-cut*>
just remove the asterics (*'s) and it should work. If not just ask me and I'll help.

9) Anyone can join. You do not have to be a self injurer to join, just someone who wants to help.

Thanks for respecting the rules guys <333333

The Monterey Chapter Members
Shelley (lamelikewhoa)
-AIM: From The Stars x
-E-mail: burnmywings@yahoo.com
Ashley (ricequaker)
-AIM: starsinablender
-E-mail: Jadedstarsx@aol.com
Amanda S. (frozenwolf)
-AIM: r8ders
-E-mail: supertravelwoman@yahoo.com
Alyssa (__anomie__)
-AIM: I have issyews
-E-mail: vindictive_reasoning@yahoo.com
Alicia (no name yet)
-AIM: n/a
-E-mail: ashortblondie@hotmail.com
Amanda A. (no name yet)
-AIM: HateMissYou
-E-mail: soccerdiva2006@yahoo.com
Lynzey (lamelikeu)
-AIM: insanesanity4
-E-mail: Lynzey1314@hotmail.com