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Welcome everyone!!! This is Shelley, the Monterey Chapter's moderator, as well as the moderator for this community. I decided that we would have an LJ community to be able to communicate with eachother during the times we were not having meetings. Like, if someone had an idea about raising awareness for Self Injury in between our monthly business meetings, you can post about it here. This board is for ideas, as well as for when you just want to talk, or ask advice, or anything.

Since I know
that hardly anyone ever reads the rules anymore, I am going to list the ones you have to follow right here in this nifty first entry!

  • Every entry (excluding this one) MUST be a friends only post. To ensure security and trust within our community, only the people IN this community should be able to read these posts. If you do not know how to make a friends only post, or to read friends only posts, please contact me (xsilenteloquence on aim) at any time and ask.
  • You MUST MUST MUST MUST be from the Monterey Bay area of California to be able to join this community. You will immediately be ejected or rejected if you not from here. (Seaside, Marina, Monterey, PG, and Carmel are all included)
  • Posting: Although you don't have to post every week or anything, it would help the community alot if you posted a comment once a week on someone's post. People like comments.
  • Advice: Do not give advice if it is not asked for. Simple, isn't it?
  • Confidentiality: In order to be able to open up and trust eachother, there is a confidentiality rule. What is said on the board, stayes on the board. This of course does not apply if the person is seriously suicidal or homicidal. If they are, the correct authorities have to be notified.

That is all for the rules as of right now. Those listed above should most DEFINATELY be followed. It helps build a trusting community and a strong, productive one. Thank you for reading!

Thanks for respecting the rules! <3333


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